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Shango Blake Speaks on Hip Hop & Education Pt.1

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Welcome to is home to T.I.M.E. 2 Shine Media & The T.R.U. SKOOL Movement.  

Through the use of traditional media (Radio and TV), and social media, T.I.M.E. 2 SHINE media will produce positive stories that highlight the progress and achievements of legendary and everyday African Americans.  In keeping with our oral traditions, we will tell our stories not "His-Story".Using the example of Shango Blake's leadership and reform models, The T.R.U. Skool Movement will improve public education one School, Community, Parent, Church, Mosque, and Student at a time.  Join the Movement.

T. I.M.E. - Teaching Innovation Motivation Excellence

T.R.U. - Teaching Reading Uniquely-To Reverse Underperformance


About Shango Blake

SHANGO BLAKE: What has he done in urban education?

From pioneering unique collaborations between students, teachers, parents and the community towards creating an sustaining a vibrant academic atmosphere, to his successful tenure as a New York City principal, Shango Blake has proven himself to be a true renaissance educator. As a principal, Mr.Blake saw a profound need to institute drastic and creative changes to improve his school’s failing health. Mr. Blake initiated a bold and daring self-created project to integrate a conceptualized HIP HOP based educational program.

This program led to the creation of a new curriculum model that included teacher development, parent involvement and school/community collaboration. His school went from one of the lowest performing schools in the district to number 1 in reading and Math. As a result of this highly successful program, Mr. Blake was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey, People Magazine, Vibe magazine, 98.7 kiss FM, The Joey Reynolds show, and WABC Channel 7 news.  WCBS channel 2.

In addition, for his innovative work in urban educational reform, Shango was honored by The Mayor of Yonkers, The City Council of Yonkers and The Westchester County Legislators. He also received three proclamations citing June 6, 2001 as Shango Blake Day.

Mr. Blake's innovative teaching method includes four core tenets:

T.I.M.E (Teaching - Innovation - Motivation - Excellence) was an easy to understand vision statement that we used to engage all stakeholders around the school change process. The T.I.M.E model allowed students to engage in scripting, filming, and producing of Hip-Hop videos that linked the requisite skills for these activities to state learning standards in reading, writing, math, and critical thinking.

School-Community Collaboration: Mr. Blake has also successfully engaged parents around school saftey and anti bullying: 

P.E.S.T (Parents - Empowering - Students - Today) Strategic partnerships were formed, through the P.E.S.T program, between law enforcement, homeowners, and local merchants. This action led to a fifteen block radius safety zone was maintained around the school’s perimeter. iniatially he engaged parents around concepts of school/ community safety, and eventually involved them in advisory committees concerning curricular and extra-curricular activities. Ultimately, a parent resource center, that serviced over a hundred parents a day, was established in the school. 

Mr. Blake has developed and implemented curriculum that has improved graduation rates of black boys:

MANHOOD TRAINING was developed to address the failure and dropout rates of African American and Latino males. Students were given academic, emotional, and social support by teachers who served as mentors and role models. The Manhood Training project resulted in increased academic success of its participants.

Talking the walk:

Mr. Blake recently became host of his own Educational talk show called T.R.U. SKOOL Radio. In his debut show Mr. Blake had a listening audience of 20,678 people. Mr. Blake's motivational words continue to shift perceptions on education and culture one presentation at a time.

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